This website was made to assist those preparing for the CICM First Part Exam

  • The JamJar Homepage links you to the online & Victorian teaching calendar….Go to First Part teaching every single week no matter what stage you are at!
  • MCQs – recalled by candidates before you
  • Syllabus & SAQs summarise a myriad of (CICM approved, but largely non approved) printed and electronic materials to give you an idea of the level required. None of the content has been vetoed by examiners
  • The JamJar is 100% not for profit but if there are any copyright concerns please be in touch so we can rectify the issue
  • If you want to contribute to the site please get in touch – similarly, if there are any corrections please let us know

Ars longa, vita brevis

See you on the other side,

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  • Everything is L1
  • Do
    • Every syllabus point
    • Every past question est 2014
    • All the drugs
    • Memorise the MCQs
  • Go to First Part teaching every single week
    • This cannot be stressed enough, no matter where in the game you are at! If you can’t make your hospital’s teaching, go to another’s!
    • Put yourself in the running to absorb as much as possible CONSISTENTLY. It also gives you a good idea of what level you need to be at when you see the candidates who are just about to sit
  • First Part Gold (VIC): any session with these guys…
    • Mike Clifford (examiner)
    • Julia Coull
    • Chris Nickson (examiner)
    • Ken Hoffman
    • Patricia Hurune
  • If you can, get your hands on Nick Chrime’s insanely amazing notes!
  • Courses: Mark Finnis (Adelaide)

See you on the other side,

  • This is a hard exam…A very hard exam
  • Maintain perspective. Do things you enjoy and reward your hard work
  • Don’t ever think you are alone. This website was made for YOU!
  • Exercise to get the indoor-fans going
  • Get in touch if it’s becoming too much
  • Hang out with people that love you