2020 - Multiple Choice Questions

The EDPVR relationship of the cardiac pressure-volume diagram is a measure of:
  1. Inotropy
  2. Chronotropy
  3. Dromotropy
  4. Lusitropy
What is most true about lymph
  1. High protein content
  2. Low in platelets
  3. Contains all clotting factors
  4. Daily flow 4ml/min
There were 2 qns ‘most true about lymphatics’ recalled to contain
  • daily lymph flow
  • the protein concentration in the ISF/liver
  Note: the protein content of lymph is low and mimics ISF [protein] everywhere except the liver
Which lung volume/capacity increases in pregnancy
  1. ERV
  2. RV
  3. Expiratory Capacity
  4. Inspiratory Capacity
Which nerve fibre has the fastest speed of conduction
  1. Aa
  2. Ab
  3. Ad
  4. C
What is TRUE about acid-base physiology
  1. Weak base readily accepts H+
  2. pH 7.4 = [H+] 60mmol/L
  3. OH is an independent variable
  4. A decrease in pH from 7.4 to 7.1 doubles the hydrogen ion concentration
ADH increases the activity of
  1. Baroreceptor firing
  2. Na/K/2Cl on Thick Ascending Loop
  3. Aquaporin-2 channels on basolateral membrane
  4. V4 receptors in the pituitary