Syllabus Xii: Anatomy of the Axillary artery


Subclavian a. (lateral border 1st rib)


Brachial a. (inferior border of teres major)


  • Divided in 3 by pectoralis minor

1st Part

  • From lat. border of 1st rib to medial border of pec minor
  • Enclosed in axillary sheath
  • Supplied by superior thoracic a. (1 branch)

2nd Part

  • Posterior to pec minor
  • 2 branches (important for breast supply)
    1. Thoracoacromial a.
    2. Lateral thoracic a.

3rd Part

  • Lateral border of pec minor to inferior border of teres major
  • 3 branches
    1. Subscapular
    2. Ant. circumflex humeral
    3. Post. circumflex humeral